When is the best to trade Forex?

Market participants often wonder – what is the best time to trade Forex to get the best results? And what are the best hours to maximize your returns and concentrate on trading? In this article, we’ll try to give answers to these questions and figure out the best trading hours.

Although, it’s a matter of personal preferences when to trade – in the morning or in the evening – and it also depends on the trader and his daily schedule, let’s see when it’s best to enter the market to make higher profits and when you should avoid trading.

Best time to trade Forex

The European trading session is the most volatile session. It’s widely known, that on some particular days markets move more actively than on others. The chart below shows average volatility in pips for three major currency pairs on business days:

As we can see, the highest volatility in all three pairs is observed on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Friday, active trading is only registered until 5PM GMT, then the price movement slows down.

Therefore, we recommend entering the market on the days when volatility is the highest. Periods of high market volatility are the best to enter the market and maximize your profit.